Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Thanks to all of you for following me on this amazing journey. I got home in Texas on Monday night, filled with a mixture of sadness to be leaving Ecuador, excitement about returning home, and exhaustion after traveling for the whole day.

My last few days in Ecuador were perhaps some of the best. It's a sad fact about the exchange program that (at least in my case) the best part of the trip comes at the end. Still, I know that I left at the right time. Not only did I have no memory left on my iPad, I'd almost completely used up my cash reserves. I sincerely promised everyone in Ecuador that I would one day (hopefully sooner rather than later) return to the country I called home.

Some of the highlights from my final days were going hiking on Ilaló (an extinct volcano just outside of Sangolquí) with my class and playing with my school's soccer team for the first two games of their season. Here are some of the best photos from those final days. Enjoy!

 Hiking on the way up Ilaló with my friends from Iceland: Jana (L) and Arnar (R)
 Jana and I each slipped on the way down the muddy slope
 Mud seems to be a bit of a theme in these photos. Everyone from the soccer team was completely dirty after our 2-2 tie last Monday.
 Though we were still muddy, this half time picture shows us on our way to an 11-0 win over another school on Wednesday.
 Packing my bag on the day before leaving.
 My friends at school threw me a party on Friday, my last day of school. Jana took these photos, for I wasn't allowed into the classroom while they were setting up the "surprise" party.
Me with all of my classmates at the going away party.
My host family and me at our own going away party. They gave me an Ecuadorian backpack to take home with me.

I appreciate all the comments and interest that everybody has shown in this trip. Writing this blog has been a great way for me to share details about my trip. I hope you've all enjoyed it. Thanks again for reading.