Sunday, August 28, 2011

Departure jitters

I'm not completely sure how this whole blogging thing works. I think I should start by thanking you all for reading my ramblings on living in Latin America. Here's a quick intro on me as well.

I'm getting ready (though I'm not completely packed) to leave for Ecuador. I leave on Thursday morning from Dallas-Fort Worth, arriving in Quito around 11 p.m. that night. Today (Sunday), I'm having my going away party. I'm excited about seeing all of my friends, though at the same time I'm sad about leaving everyone.

While I'm really excited about getting going, I'm also nervous about some things. I worry about being understood, and being able to understand everyone in Spanish. After five years of school Spanish and several trips to Latin American countries, my writing and reading in Spanish are pretty good. However, I'm far less confident speaking. Listening and comprehending aren't easy for me either. After calling my host family two weeks ago, I feel better about being able to speak in Spanish. I had to eventually let go of some issues (I didn't conjugate all my verbs correctly); but I was able to speak, with some stuttering, for half an hour. This makes me feel better as I prepare to leave.

I'm not completely sure how often I'll update this blog; probably around every two weeks or so. Please comment below with any questions. Thanks!

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