Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Leaving tomorrow for Ecuador

It feels really weird to finally be leaving. After months, or years really, of thinking about studying abroad, I'm finally going through with it. I've got John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane" stuck in my head, and I've said almost al of my goodbyes. Tomorrow, I'm boarding a plane in Dallas, connecting through two airports, and then arriving in Quito tomorrow night at 11.

I'm going to miss my family the most while I'm gone. My mom cried a bit today - I called it an orientation for what's coming with the final separation tomorrow. It's also going to be hard to avoid calling them every night or firing off emails every couple of hours. I also will miss my friends in Texas. I'm used to being able to keep up with them in person and on Facebook. I think it will be a bit surreal to see what's going on with them via Facebook but be almost completely separated from the things going on with them.

However, it's gonna be great to get away from the Texas heat (it's the end of September and we're still hitting 100 degrees each day). I'm also excited to meet new people (especially my host family) in Ecuador. Finally, I can't wait to get started using my Spanish

I know this is a lot of blog postings for not very much time. I think I'll probably post much less often from Ecuador. I'm not yet sure exactly what kind of Internet coverage I'll have; more on that in the next few days! Until then, goodbye.


  1. Who is meeting you at the airport in Quito? What flight are you arriving on?

    I was happy to see your new post show up in Flipboard on my iPad, which proves the RSS feed with Google Reader is working properly.

    How are you going to put three months worth of clothes in that small suitcase? ;)

  2. Thanks for reading, Duane! I'm meeting the other American kids going to Ecuador in Miami. When we land in Quito, we'll be met by each of our host families. Finally, I've got a couple of carry on suitcases. In addition, I've never had much of a wardrobe, or style for that matter!

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  4. Great talking to you from Miami, Jimmy. Hope you have a safe trip and get some rest on the way. Keep in touch. Love you, Grandma & Grandpa